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Welcome to This Shit Rocks! A newsletter by me, Sara Tane, about products that I love (both in and out of the kitchen) and the latest recipes that I’m developing. I am classically trained chef who has worked in restaurant kitchens, private kitchens, test kitchens, and most importantly, my own kitchen. I am passionate about empowering the home cook and reminding you that cooking! is! FUN!

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So, how did we get here? Well, I graduated with a food studies degree from UNC and knew I wanted to work in food media. After college, I got a job at the Time Inc. Food Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. It was a dream job (minus the location) and I got to work alongside writers, editors, recipe developers, food stylists, photographers, and so many amazing talented people. During my time there, I worked for Cooking Light and I even had my own show.

I started this newsletter (originally on Tinyletter) in 2019 because I wanted a creative outlet for myself outside of my job in food media. After Time Inc., I got a job as a food editor at The Feedfeed. During my time there, I went to culinary school at night and received my culinary arts degree from ICE. After culinary school, I started cooking for private events around NYC and in the Hamptons.

Fast forward to present day, I work for myself (can you say…girl boss?) and juggle a handful of different gigs (one of those being this newsletter). I cater private dinner parties and events, I teach in-person and virtual cooking classes, I write and develop recipes (for The Kitchn, Simply Recipes, and AllRecipes, to name a few), and work with brands to create social content.

In 2021, I made the leap from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with a short stint (ahem, a year) in Colorado with my parents during the pandemic. I spend my time drinking iced almond milk lattes, going to the farmers’ market, taking my dog, Pepper, on long walks, and thinking about the key lime pie at Gjusta. Oh, and making a huge mess in my kitchen on any given day.

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